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Welcome to Progressive Fitness - Your Path to Optimal Health and Wellness

At Progressive Fitness, we prioritize people and value connection, sharing, community, and togetherness. Our mission is to restore and accelerate personal health and healing, contributing to a community and environment that is healthy, happy, thriving, and vibrant.

Our Mission

Progressive Fitness was established to guide individuals, teams, and groups toward improved health and optimal performance through safe and progressive movement. We offer immediate actionable tools and self-care applications combined with guidance and support for individuals who want to thrive, grow, and flow with life.

Fitness Services and Solutions for 40s, 50s, and 60s

Personal Fitness Coaching

Progressive Fitness is a professional and guided movement practice designed specifically for those in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. Our specialized services include:

  • Foundational Core Strength & Stability: Build a strong foundation to support your body and improve overall stability.
  • Functional Movement & Mobility: Enhance your ability to move freely and efficiently in everyday activities.
  • Rehabilitation & Restoration: Recover from injuries and restore your body to optimal health.
  • Osteo & MyoFascial Release: Release tension and improve flexibility through targeted techniques.
  • Balance, Agility & Flexibility: Improve your balance and agility for better coordination and confidence.
  • Progressive Pilates: Strengthen and tone your body with low-impact, high-result Pilates exercises.
  • Progressive Breathing: Enhance your respiratory health and overall well-being through effective breathing techniques.

Why Choose Progressive Fitness?

At Progressive Fitness, we believe in cultivating the best version of you. Our training is designed to help you become physically stronger, more balanced, stable, flexible, mobile, and agile. With the guidance of our experienced coaches, you will improve how you move, think, and feel in a fun, friendly, and safe environment.

Living Your Best Life

Living is about freedom of movement, freedom of choice, and the ability to express who you are as a unique individual. It’s also about feeling good, finding balance, and having the ability to completely relax, be stress and pain-free, while having enough energy to enjoy what makes you happy.

Progressive Fitness provides the guidance and support you need to become a better, stronger, more confident, and healthier version of yourself now, tomorrow, and into the future.

Progressive Fitness Adam Baulch

How Progressive Fitness Training Can Help You

Our Progressive Fitness Training methods & programs will assist you in becoming more playful & mobile…without the physical discomfort or limitations.

Whether you want to improve how your body looks, feels, moves & responds…perhaps you need to regenerate & restore your body back to optimal health…whatever your intention, we are here to assist you.

Self Care is Health Care & Movement is Medicine

Visit Progressive Fitness to learn more about our offerings and start your journey to optimal health and wellness today. Contact Adam to book your first session. 

Discover the Power of Nasal Breathing for Optimal Health outcomes.


 “Before I met Adam, I knew I had to exercise but I saw it as a chore that took up too much time that I didn’t have, so I would make every excuse not to do it. Adam’s knowledge in his field, understanding of his clients, realism and appeal to my intrinsic motivation has given me the confidence to believe I have the physical and mental strength to do more than I could previously have imagined, turning exercise from a chore into a habit. In his words, “I wouldn’t ask you to do it if I didn’t think you could.” I cannot thank him enough.” 

Amelia Hinschen

“I came to Adam with chronic back pain from four fractures to the spine and a fall from a roof in the Gold Coast. I had several cortisone injections, nerve ablations, went to dozens of physio visits and was on heavy pain medication. I started doing rehab 2-3 times per week and Adam gave nutritional advice that reduced my inflammation.The cost of 3 sessions were less than 1 visit to the physio! 12 weeks later and I’m totally medication free, my back pain is minimal and I’m feeling great and not stressed anymore.” 

David Miller

“Adam is someone who sees movement and exercise environments as a place to find catharsis and to detract from the rat race. He strives to provide a personal service where anyone can achieve grounding and respite from the pressures of modern day life. This is core to his philosophy that recovery is often overlooked in the pursuit of aesthetics.”

Wendy Walker

“During 2011, I decided to have shoulder surgery. It was not an easy decision, but was inevitable. Adam Baulch was very supportive before and after surgery. His extensive experience and advice was extremely helpful and beneficial. Adam was very patient and understanding guiding me through shoulder rehabilitation. He listened and adapted exercises to suit my needs. He was holistic in his approach and developed progressive activities not only for my shoulder but my whole body. I am very grateful to Adam for all his efforts in restoring full function in my right shoulder. During 2013, I competed at the Queensland Masters Short Course Swim Championships in Brisbane and won medals in all my events. I would not have accomplished this feat if it wasn’t for Adam’s personal training sessions and advice.“

Raylene Rasmussen-Teacher

“I am a competitive Masters swimmer and swim coach who resides in the Whitsundays. Over the past few years, I have participated in core strength and fitness classes facilitated by Adam Baulch. Through the classes, I have not only improved my core strength, flexibility and general fitness, but it has enhanced my swimming and functional movement. I have learnt about the benefits of core strength and tried to implement elements into my dryland swim training. Good core strength is beneficial for all athletes. It is ideal for swimmers to have good core strength to improve their body position, coordination, technique and performance in and out of the water. Adam has also run workshops and sessions for my junior and adult swimmers. Adam is very accommodating and flexible. He can cater for all levels and abilities through his long involvement in the fitness industry and sport. Adam is very passionate about health and fitness. He loves sharing his passion with others and motivating others to achieve their best”. 

Mark Erickson-Head Coach, Cannonvale Cannons Swim Club

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